When God Delays

Religious deception is prevalent in the world. It pulls the wool over the eyes of so many. This is especially true when we gradually become more removed and distant from the Bible and our Christian heritage. Skeptics and skepticism arise even in our day where God is put on trial and commanded to prove Himself real and present with physical means. Second Peter has a message for everyone neighboring these bombastic ideas. It is a call to remember. It is a plea to recall the promises God fulfilled in the past and how valid that makes His word in the present. Sin has so infected us that we desire to be tickled by the Mayans and 2012 than to be alarmed at how the Flood of Genesis 6-9 foreshadows a future flood of judgment. When the truth speaks we entertain so much doubt but when the latest theory arises we invest much time and effort to entertain it as a possibility. It seems the missing ingredient is faith: faith in God’s word and the certainty of its’ execution no matter how long the delay. All of us wrestle with the delay of justice at some point in our lives. It is at those points that we need to turn to the sure words from God’s lips which point us to moral excellence and endurance. There will be a reckoning for both parties, those who wait for God in holiness and those who disbelieve and indulge. This is a theme in 2nd Peter.

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