Mark 10:13-16 Sermon Outline

Here is an outline for teaching through Mark 10:13-16. I hope it is proves helpful to someone in their Bible study or sermon preparation. Mark 10:13-16 What Do Children Reveal About the Kingdom of God? 1. Jesus Strongly Opposes Those Who Would Hinder the Underprivileged, such as children, from Coming to Him (10:13-14). 2. Children are inheritors of God’s Kingdom (10:14). 3. Children Exemplify How Adults Should Enter the Kingdom (10:15). 4. Jesus Specifically and in Rare Fashion Unilaterally Touches and Blesses Children (10:16).


Survey Link


Below is the link to taking the community spiritual survey. It is for a class I am taking at Moody Theological Seminary and is measuring community spiritual sentiment in the greater La Grange area. Thank you for your participation. It should only take 5 minutes. No strings attached.


 Rick Tatina


Hello, I am a Master's level student at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago. I am trying to gather data from the La Grange area for a class survey. If you live in these any of these cities (La Grange, La Grange Park, Countryside, La Grange Highlands, Indian Head Park, and Western Springs) or know anybody who does, would you be willing to take a 19 question community spiritual survey (no strings attached and free of charge) or pass it on to those who live there? I need your input. I will be measuring spiritual interest and activity and sentiment of people in the greater La Grange area. This is not spam it is just an attempt to gather as much data for a specific area to see how to best minister there. Thank you so much for your consideration. It will probably take 5 minutes of your time. Sincerely, Rick Tatina Here is the link: http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=x9dme0zn3qnczbb151213 pinterest-a8917.html


A Recent Sermon : Too Big To Fail (Colossians 3:1-18)

Here was a sermon from March 2013. Thanks for listening and commenting.


Problem Solving in the USA

“A free society cannot exist in the absence of moral values.” That was in a recent speech I heard. It was also stated that our Founders knew that our Constitution would not work in any other country but ours, one founded on moral principle and the freedom of the individual. So, if our foundation only works with the presence of moral values and we are drifting from those values, what is the solution?



A New World Order? (2 Peter 3:10-13)

The pressing message Peter wants to get across is that the promise of Christ’s coming is sure because it originates from the God who never balked on one promise He’s made. Peter also pushes the importance of holy conduct, righteousness fitting for a divine being, in light of the manner in which the world will be judged and made new (or perhaps, renovated). Eschatology is supremely important for ethical behavior. The very attack on the promise of Christ’s coming by the pseudo prophets fits with their vile behavior. Their cancerous and infectious conduct must be avoided as must their teaching when it comes. The very fact that they do not expect Christ to come back at all renders them unprepared when he comes like a thief to judge them. Not only is righteous behavior fitting for judgment day it is proper in light of the manner the world is judged. The cosmic system is decimated with fire and deafening tumults that should only lead to fear of God. The godliness brought forth by the saints carries with it another important element. They must be patient as they wait for this day. Peter hints that there may seem to be a delay but that is only because God is bringing in all those who will repent. The patience of God turns out to favor only those who produce repentance for the unrepentant are only lulled by willful forgetfulness into not expecting judgment and eternal punishment. The faithful adhere to ancient promises and recall times when God produced a previous day like the day of the Lord (i.e. the Flood) and the unfaithful forget. Peter has reminded the readers several times concerning this certain outcome and has in place reminders from other people when he departs. The present world and the righteousness produced in keeping with the gospel only prepares believers for the new world where only the righteous are allowed in. The door of history will only close on the ungodly while a new era will begin for those who stayed true to Christ.