What John Piper Said to President Obama

From the pulpit, John Piper called upon Barak Obama to be courageous and to not be a lapdog for Washington elites by sanctioning anti-life policies. He called on him to speak for women's rights, the hundreds of thousands of "little women" who are aborted each year in this country. You can view it here.
1. Obama ran his election on change. As Americans, we can petition and beg our God to "change" Obama's heart toward the most helpless, little ones in our society. Proverbs says, "The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes" (21:1). The Lord can dam up the river of stubbornness and release the river of life in this country once again!
2. Some of you might remember the Clinton era. He was said to have good approval ratings while in office, even in the midst of scandal. One thing that seemed to characterize Bill Clinton was that he swayed some of his convictions at the beckon of the people. In my opinion, this was not a good thing because the people are often wrong, and second, we elected him to make the decisions and not us. However, in our case, President Obama seems to share characteristics of the Clinton camp of the 1990's. For one, many of his top cabinet officials are former Clinton aids. Why is this a good thing? Perhaps, along with our prayers, if we cry out loud enough to him (Obama), he might listen to us and reverse his devastating policy moves against the unborn. Please, follow this link to email your president. Give him a serious but gentle plea on behalf of the unborn. Ask him to weigh his decision in light of eternity.
(Pictures courtesy of Monergism.com and TinyPic).


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